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org::kbinani::editotoini::FormUtauVoiceConfig Class Reference

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Public Member Functions

void ApplyFont (java.awt.Font font)
void applyLanguage ()
void bgWorkRead_DoWork (Object sender, DoWorkEventArgs e)
void bgWorkRead_RunWorkerCompleted (Object sender, BRunWorkerCompletedEventArgs e)
void bgWorkScreen_DoWork (Object sender, BDoWorkEventArgs e)
void close ()
void close ()
void componentHidden (ComponentEvent e)
void componentMoved (ComponentEvent e)
void componentResized (ComponentEvent e)
void componentShown (ComponentEvent e)
 FormUtauVoiceConfig ()
org.kbinani.java.awt.Color getBackground ()
org.kbinani.java.awt.Rectangle getBounds ()
Dimension getClientSize ()
org.kbinani.java.awt.Dimension getClientSize ()
FormConfigUtauVoiceConfig getCurrentConfig ()
int getExtendedState ()
org.kbinani.java.awt.Font getFont ()
org.kbinani.java.awt.Color getForeground ()
int getHeight ()
System.Drawing.Icon getIconImage ()
java.awt.Dimension getMaximumSize ()
java.awt.Dimension getMinimumSize ()
string getName ()
object getParent ()
org.kbinani.java.awt.Dimension getSize ()
int getState ()
Object getTag ()
string getTitle ()
int getWidth ()
void invalidate ()
boolean isAlwaysOnTop ()
bool isEnabled ()
bool isVisible ()
void keyPressed (KeyEvent e)
void keyReleased (KeyEvent e)
void keyTyped (KeyEvent e)
void Open (String oto_ini_path)
void paint (Graphics g1)
void pictWave_MouseWheel (Object sender, MouseEventArgs e)
java.awt.Point pointToClient (java.awt.Point point_on_screen)
java.awt.Point pointToScreen (java.awt.Point point_on_client)
bool requestFocusInWindow ()
void setAlwaysOnTop (boolean alwaysOnTop)
void setBackground (org.kbinani.java.awt.Color color)
void setCurrentConfig (FormConfigUtauVoiceConfig value)
void setEnabled (bool value)
void setExtendedState (int value)
void setFont (org.kbinani.java.awt.Font font)
void setForeground (org.kbinani.java.awt.Color color)
void setIconImage (System.Drawing.Icon icon)
void setMaximumSize (java.awt.Dimension value)
void setMinimumSize (java.awt.Dimension value)
void setName (string value)
void setPreferredSize (org.kbinani.java.awt.Dimension size)
void setSize (int width, int height)
void setSize (org.kbinani.java.awt.Dimension d)
void setState (int state)
void setTag (Object value)
void setTitle (string value)
void setVisible (bool value)
void toFront ()
void windowActivated (WindowEvent e)
void windowClosed (WindowEvent e)
void windowClosing (WindowEvent e)
void windowDeactivated (WindowEvent e)
void windowDeiconified (WindowEvent e)
void windowIconified (WindowEvent e)
void windowOpened (WindowEvent e)

Static Public Member Functions

static String getApplicationDataPath ()
 アプリケーションデータの保存位置を取得します Gets the path for application data
static boolean isInRect (Point p, Rectangle rc)
static void Main (string[] args)

Public Attributes

final BEvent< BEventHandleractivatedEvent = new BEvent<BEventHandler>()
const int CROSSHAIR_CURSOR = 1
final BEvent< BEventHandlerdeactivateEvent = new BEvent<BEventHandler>()
const int DEFAULT_CURSOR = 0
const int E_RESIZE_CURSOR = 11
final BEvent
< BFormClosedEventHandler > 
formClosedEvent = new BEvent<BFormClosedEventHandler>()
final BEvent
< BFormClosingEventHandler > 
formClosingEvent = new BEvent<BFormClosingEventHandler>()
const int HAND_CURSOR = 12
const int ICONIFIED = 1
final BEvent< BKeyEventHandler > keyDownEvent = new BEvent<BKeyEventHandler>()
final BEvent
< BKeyPressEventHandler > 
keyPressEvent = new BEvent<BKeyPressEventHandler>()
final BEvent< BKeyEventHandler > keyUpEvent = new BEvent<BKeyEventHandler>()
final BEvent< BEventHandlerloadEvent = new BEvent<BEventHandler>()
final BEvent< BEventHandlerlocationChangedEvent = new BEvent<BEventHandler>()
const int MAXIMIZED_BOTH = 6
const int MAXIMIZED_HORIZ = 2
const int MAXIMIZED_VERT = 4
const int MOVE_CURSOR = 13
const int N_RESIZE_CURSOR = 8
const int NE_RESIZE_CURSOR = 7
const int NORMAL = 0
const int NW_RESIZE_CURSOR = 6
final BEvent
< BPreviewKeyDownEventHandler > 
previewKeyDownEvent = new BEvent<BPreviewKeyDownEventHandler>()
final BEvent< BEventHandlerresizeEvent = new BEvent<BEventHandler>()
const int S_RESIZE_CURSOR = 9
const int SE_RESIZE_CURSOR = 5
final BEvent< BEventHandlersizeChangedEvent = new BEvent<BEventHandler>()
const int SW_RESIZE_CURSOR = 4
const int TEXT_CURSOR = 2
final BEvent< BEventHandlervisibleChangedEvent = new BEvent<BEventHandler>()
const int W_RESIZE_CURSOR = 10
const int WAIT_CURSOR = 3
final BEvent< BEventHandlerwindowStateChangedEvent = new BEvent<BEventHandler>()

Protected Member Functions

override void Dispose (boolean disposing)
override void OnSizeChanged (EventArgs e)

Protected Attributes

System.Windows.Forms.FormWindowState mWindowState = System.Windows.Forms.FormWindowState.Normal


EventHandler WindowStateChanged

Private Types

enum  MouseMode {
  None, MiddleDrag, MoveOffset, MoveConsonant,
  MoveBlank, MovePreUtterance, MoveOverlap

Private Member Functions

void AddItem (Object sender, boolean bool_value, String[] stringarr_value)
void btnMinus_Click (Object sender, EventArgs e)
void btnPlus_Click (Object sender, EventArgs e)
void btnRefreshFrq_Click (Object sender, BEventArgs e)
void btnRefreshStf_Click (Object sender, BEventArgs e)
void buttonNext_Click (Object sender, BEventArgs e)
void buttonPrevious_Click (Object sender, EventArgs e)
void checkFRQExistence ()
boolean checkListFileItem (int index, String search)
void checkSTFExistence ()
void FormUtauVoiceConfig_FormClosed (Object sender, FormClosedEventArgs e)
void FormUtauVoiceConfig_FormClosing (Object sender, FormClosingEventArgs e)
void FormUtauVoiceConfig_Load (Object sender, BEventArgs e)
void FormUtauVoiceConfig_SizeChanged (Object sender, BEventArgs e)
void generateSTForFRQ (FormGenerateStf.GenerateMode mode)
BButton getBtnMinus ()
BButton getBtnPlus ()
BButton getBtnRefreshFrq ()
BButton getBtnRefreshStf ()
BButton getButtonNext ()
BButton getButtonPrevious ()
BPanel getContentPanel ()
boolean getEdited ()
Rectangle GetFlagRect (FlagType type, Font font)
BHScrollBar getHScroll ()
BMenuBar getJJMenuBar ()
JSeparator getJMenuItem3 ()
BPanel getJPanel ()
BPanel getJPanel1 ()
BPanel getJPanel2 ()
BPanel getJPanel3 ()
BPanel getJPanel4 ()
BPanel getJPanel5 ()
JScrollPane getJScrollPane ()
BSplitPane getJSplitPane ()
BListView getListFiles ()
BMenu getMenuEdit ()
BMenuItem getMenuEditGenerateFRQ ()
BMenuItem getMenuEditGenerateSTF ()
BMenu getMenuFile ()
BMenuItem getMenuFileOpen ()
BMenuItem getMenuFileQuit ()
BMenuItem getMenuFileSave ()
BMenuItem getMenuFileSaveAs ()
BMenu getMenuView ()
BMenuItem getMenuViewSearchNext ()
BMenuItem getMenuViewSearchPrevious ()
BPanel getPanelBottom ()
BPanel getPanelLeft ()
BPanel getPanelLeftBottom ()
BPanel getPanelRight ()
BPanel getPictWave ()
BSplitPane getSplitContainerIn ()
BTextBox getTxtAlias ()
BTextBox getTxtBlank ()
BTextBox getTxtConsonant ()
BTextBox getTxtFileName ()
BTextBox getTxtOffset ()
BTextBox getTxtOverlap ()
BTextBox getTxtPreUtterance ()
BTextBox getTxtSearch ()
void HoverWaitThread ()
void hScroll_ValueChanged (Object sender, EventArgs e)
void initialize ()
void InitializeComponent ()
 デザイナ サポートに必要なメソッドです。このメソッドの内容を コード エディタで変更しないでください。
void listFiles_SelectedIndexChanged (Object sender, EventArgs e)
void menuEditGenerateFRQ_Click (Object sender, EventArgs e)
void menuEditGenerateSTF_Click (Object sender, BEventArgs e)
void menuFileOpen_Click (Object sender, EventArgs e)
void menuFileOpen_MouseEnter (Object sender, BEventArgs e)
void menuFileQuit_Click (Object sender, EventArgs e)
void menuFileQuit_MouseEnter (Object sender, BEventArgs e)
void menuFileSave_Click (Object sender, EventArgs e)
void menuFileSave_MouseEnter (Object sender, BEventArgs e)
void menuFileSaveAs_Click (Object sender, EventArgs e)
void menuFileSaveAs_MouseEnter (Object sender, BEventArgs e)
void menuViewSearchNext_Click (Object sender, EventArgs e)
void menuViewSearchPrevious_Click (Object sender, EventArgs e)
void pictWave_MouseDown (Object sender, MouseEventArgs e)
void pictWave_MouseHover (Object sender, EventArgs e)
void pictWave_MouseMove (Object sender, MouseEventArgs e)
void pictWave_MouseUp (Object sender, MouseEventArgs e)
void pictWave_Paint (Object sender, PaintEventArgs e)
void refreshScreen ()
void refreshScreenCore (Object sender, BEventArgs e)
void saveCor (String file)
void searchCor (boolean go_back)
float SecFromX (int x)
void setEdited (boolean value)
void setSearchTextColor (boolean found)
void txtAlias_TextChanged (Object sender, EventArgs e)
void txtBlank_TextChanged (Object sender, EventArgs e)
void txtConsonant_TextChanged (Object sender, EventArgs e)
void txtOffset_TextChanged (Object sender, EventArgs e)
void txtOverlap_TextChanged (Object sender, EventArgs e)
void txtPreUtterance_TextChanged (Object sender, EventArgs e)
void txtSearch_TextChanged (Object sender, BEventArgs e)
void UpdateFormTitle ()
void UpdateScale ()
int XFromSec (float sec)

Static Private Member Functions

static String _ (String id)
static float round2Digits (float value)

Private Attributes

BBackgroundWorker bgWorkRead
BBackgroundWorker bgWorkScreen
BPanel BPanel = null
BButton btnMinus = null
BButton btnPlus = null
BButton btnRefreshFrq = null
BButton btnRefreshStf = null
BButton buttonNext = null
BButton buttonPrevious = null
BPopupMenu cmenuListFiles
String[] columnHeaders = new String[]{ "FIle Name", "Alias", "offste", "Consonant", "Blank", "pre Utrerance", "Overlap" }
System.ComponentModel.IContainer components = null
BPanel contentPanel = null
BMenuItem generateSTRAIGHTFileToolStripMenuItem
BHScrollBar hScroll = null
BMenuBar jJMenuBar = null
BLabel jLabel1 = null
BLabel jLabel2 = null
BLabel jLabel21 = null
BLabel jLabel22 = null
BLabel jLabel23 = null
BLabel jLabel24 = null
BLabel jLabel3 = null
BLabel jLabel4 = null
BLabel jLabel5 = null
BLabel jLabel51 = null
BLabel jLabel52 = null
BLabel jLabel53 = null
BLabel jLabel54 = null
JSeparator jMenuItem3 = null
BPanel jPanel1 = null
BPanel jPanel2 = null
BPanel jPanel3 = null
BPanel jPanel4 = null
BPanel jPanel5 = null
JScrollPane jScrollPane = null
BLabel label2
BLabel label3
BLabel label5
BLabel label7
BLabel label9
BLabel lblAlias = null
BLabel lblBlank = null
BLabel lblConsonant = null
BLabel lblFileName = null
BLabel lblOffset = null
BLabel lblOverlap = null
BLabel lblPreUtterance = null
BLabel lblSearch = null
const int LINE_HEIGHT = 20
BListView listFiles = null
float m_blank
Color m_brs_blank = new Color( 192, 192, 255 )
Color m_brs_consonant = new Color( 255, 192, 255 )
Color m_brs_offset = new Color( 192, 192, 255 )
boolean m_cancel_required = false
float m_consonant
Rectangle m_current_bounds
Vector< WaveDrawContextm_drawer = new Vector<WaveDrawContext>()
boolean m_edited = false
String m_file = ""
Rectangle[] m_flag_box = new Rectangle[5]
int m_font_draw_offset = 0
String m_font_name = ""
float m_font_size = -1
int m_index = -1
int m_last_preview = 0
float m_length
MouseMode m_mode = MouseMode.None
Point m_mouse_downed
float m_mouse_downed_start_to_draw
Thread m_mouse_hover_generator = null
float m_move_init
float m_offset
String m_oto_ini = ""
float m_overlap
Color m_pen_overlap = new Color( 0, 255, 0 )
Color m_pen_preutterance = new Color( 255, 0, 0 )
MediaPlayer m_player
float m_pre_utterance
double m_px_per_sec = 1000
float m_start_to_draw = 0.0f
int m_trackbar_value = 20
BMenu menuEdit = null
BMenuItem menuEdit
BMenuItem menuEditGenerateFRQ = null
BMenuItem menuEditGenerateSTF = null
BMenu menuFile = null
BMenuItem menuFile
BMenuItem menuFileOpen = null
BMenuItem menuFileQuit = null
BMenuItem menuFileSave = null
BMenuItem menuFileSaveAs = null
BMenuBar menuStrip
BMenu menuView = null
BMenuItem menuView
BMenuItem menuViewSearchNext = null
BMenuItem menuViewSearchPrevious = null
BFileChooser openFileDialog
const int ORDER = 10
BPanel panelBottom = null
System.Windows.Forms.Panel panelBottom
BPanel panelLeft = null
System.Windows.Forms.Panel panelLeft
BPanel panelLeftBottom = null
System.Windows.Forms.Panel panelRight
BPanel panelRight = null
BPanel pictWave = null
BPictureBox pictWave
BFileChooser saveFileDialog
BSplitPane splitContainerIn = null
org.kbinani.apputil.BSplitContainer splitContainerIn
BSplitPane splitContainerOut = null
org.kbinani.apputil.BSplitContainer splitContainerOut
BStatusLabel statusLblTootip
System.Windows.Forms.StatusStrip statusStrip
DefaultTableModel tableModel = null
System.Windows.Forms.ToolStripSeparator toolStripMenuItem1
const int TRACKBAR_MAX = 35
const int TRACKBAR_MIN = 15
BTextBox txtAlias = null
BTextBox txtBlank = null
NumberTextBox txtBlank
BTextBox txtConsonant = null
NumberTextBox txtConsonant
BTextBox txtFileName = null
NumberTextBox txtOffset
BTextBox txtOffset = null
NumberTextBox txtOverlap
BTextBox txtOverlap = null
BTextBox txtPreUtterance = null
NumberTextBox txtPreUtterance
BTextBox txtSearch = null

Static Private Attributes

static int columnWidthAlias = 42
static int columnWidthBlank = 51
static int columnWidthConsonant = 72
static int columnWidthFilename = 75
static int columnWidthFrq = 51
static int columnWidthOffset = 50
static int columnWidthOverlap = 61
static int columnWidthPreUtterance = 92
static int columnWidthStf = 60
static final long serialVersionUID = 1L

Detailed Description

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